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TMS vs. Medication: A Comparative Study in Depression Treatment

Depression is a prevalent mental health condition that affects a large number of individuals worldwide. There are major treatment choices available to effectively manage depression, such as medication and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).  While medication has traditionally been the primary treatment approach for many years, TMS has gained popularity as an alternative therapy for depression […]

Comparison of TMS and Other Brain Stimulation Methods

When the term ‘brain stimulation’ is mentioned, what initially comes to your mind? If you’re like most individuals, you may envision classic horror film scenes featuring Frankenstein or similar terrifying scenarios.  However, it is important to note that in reality, brain stimulation is a completely safe procedure used to treat various persistent and long-lasting mental […]

Top 12 Myths about TMS Therapy Debunked

On the internet, there are numerous therapies-related myths. For instance, some people hold the belief that it is a new, unproven treatment, while others hold the belief that Transcranial Magnetic Therapy (TMS) is only beneficial to patients whose previous treatments have failed.  Our best psychiatrists in California are here to dispel these misunderstandings and provide […]